What makes White Cloud Networks LTE the best?

Conventional wireless internet companies use inexpensive products and broadcast their services in unlicensed frequencies. This means every device broadcasting in those frequencies (including computers and routers) can cause interference that could interfere with the quality of your connection to the internet.

White Cloud Networks uses state-of-the-art Wireless LTE products which are broadcasting in frequencies that we have licensed. This means there is NO interference in the communications between your device and the internet because no other devices are broadcasting in these frequencies. This also allows us to offer more speed and greater reliability so you can surf the web faster and watch streaming content in higher resolution without interruption!



About White Cloud Communications

White Cloud Communications, Inc has been in business for over 50 years in the Magic Valley of Idaho.  Our CEO/President, Joseph Shelton has put together one of the most complete communications network in the Northwest.

  • High-Speed up to 40Mbps

    The days of sacrificing High-Speed internet for country living are gone! We make available speeds up to 40Mbps.

  • Reliable Uninterrupted Connection

    White Cloud Networks 4G LTE service broadcasts over licensed frequencies, which means NO interference in the communication between your device and the internet.

  • 2 to 3 Times More Value

    Most of our packages provide 2 to 3 TIMES the bandwidth for comparatively priced packages offered by our competitors.


    White Cloud Networks is the ONLY Wireless Internet Service Provider in Southern Idaho to offer Residential High-Speed Internet Packages with enough bandwidth to stream 4K ULTRA HD movies.